Windows 10 After One Month of Release

Microsoft has launched its much awaited Windows 10 on 29 July this year. And, after one month of the launch, Windows 10 has covered about 5 percent of the PC market. Its predecessor Windows 8 took about 6 months to achieve the same level. Even Windows 7, a much bigger hit as compared to Windows 8 that was welcomed warmly and regarded as antidote to Windows Vista, took a couple of Months to cover the same.

According to StatCounter, Windows 10 has been installed on about 75 million PC’s under one month of its launch. But we are pretty sure that Microsoft was expecting better results given the free upgrade offer that is available for those running genuine Windows 7 and 8.1.

At present, Windows 7 is still the leading Windows OS in the market with 53.01 percent cover on market, while Windows 8.1 covers 14.41 percent. Windows XP still on with 9.73 percent. Windows 10 comes next with 5.33, followed by Windows 8 with share of 3.45 percent.

Microsoft has smoothly rolled out Windows 10 to millions of users as it is not an easy work, so here we have to give positive marking to Microsoft. Remarkably so, achieved the user base of 75 million in less than one month and still it has to go very far. I agree that it has few bugs, but that’s common in every newly released operating system. As the company resolved many bugs through its insider program till release, so we expect that company will manage rest in upcoming updates.

As Microsoft has got a lot of criticism for privacy issues, as it automatically transfers client’s information automatically to Microsoft servers. Microsoft does not have any explanation for this at all.

Privacy statements, service agreements and license terms are not easy to understand by everyone, as they are written by lawyers to reduce the legal problems. Business customers are also using that kind of language so they can easily understand the risk, but not the home users.

Moreover, Microsoft also has a lot of positive points like its new browser Microsoft Edge has made a really good impression on the users with fast and clean browsing experience. Microsoft Edge is really a good browser as compared to IE and even faster than Chrome and Firefox in many cases. But still, it has to go through a lot of changes in near future to always be a competitor or to take a lead.

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