Microsoft Office 2016 – Most Exciting Features

Nearly after two months of successful launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has now announced Office 2016 for Windows Desktop Users. Microsoft Office is one of the most popular productivity suites available on planet with more than 1 billion users.

Like a regular tradition, Microsoft introduces a new version of Office in every three years. After being the oldest one, Microsoft Office is on the top of all productivity suites available in market.

Office 2016 is available for Office 365 subscribers to download on Tuesday, adding new cloud computing and teamwork features. Non-subscribers of Office 365 have to purchase it, but yet company has not announced the prices for it.

But recent times, a number of productive suites are available in market like Google Drive suite and Open Office Suite offers features of Microsoft Office at no cost. So Microsoft now comes in market with new features that blow away its rival to miles away from it. Here we bring some of the exciting features of Office 2016 that make you agree to download the latest one today.

Multiple Users
Microsoft Office 2016 allows users to work together on a single document simultaneously regardless of device- read the operating system, they are using. And Office 2016 also features to see where the other people are working on the document, but this is limited to a word limit.

Smart Lookup
Smart Lookup offered in the new Office which provide users with contextual description about words and phrases you need to know more about. In this application, the slidebar opens on the right side with details when you select a word or a phrase from different sources, including Wikipedia.

Tell Me
Forget the old method of navigating through menus and sub-menus to find a function, Office 2016 allows to search any function via features named as “Tell me”. This tool is available to Word, Excel and others, while it makes important improvements to Outlook.

Create Forecast on a Single Click
Now it is easier than ever to create forecast chart of your historical data. You have just select the cell and Office 2016 offers to see future trends of your data. User can find one-click forecasting option named as Forecast Sheet under Data tab.

Windows 10 Features Integration
As Windows 10 is a home all new features of Microsoft, and there are some of the features of Windows 10 that work great with Office 2016. Windows Hello a new feature of Windows 10 that allows face recognition security check- also works with Windows 10. Cortona also integrate with the software, allowing the personal assistant to read and search your files to improve features such as the calendar.

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