10 Amazing Windows 10 Facts You Don’t Know About

Microsoft has launched its much anticipated Window 10 on 29 July and within 24 hours of release, 1.4 million users installed the much awaited version of Windows on their devices. Windows 10 is inspired from the success of Windows 7 and shortcomings of Windows 8. The new Microsoft OS has a very personalized user interface, Cortana, Windows Hello feature, improved security and customizable OneDrive. Microsoft is now rolling out its integrated services in parts to ensure systematic upgradation for the users from Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

10 amazing facts of Window 10 are as follows:

  • Windows 10 technical preview was first unveiled last year in the month of September with Windows Insider Program and 2.2 million people from across the world joined this program.
  • After one month of launch of Window 10 Technical Preview, Microsoft made more than 7,000 improvements and hand out with few bugs in it.
  • Windows 10 introduces DirectX12, that offers great gaming experience for game lovers as well as for developers.
  • Microsoft dropped a decade old Internet Explorer from Window 10 and introduced a whole new browser Microsoft Edge which is 112 times faster than browsers like Google Chrome and Apple Safari.
  • The latest version of Windows family has multiple desktop screens like OS X and most Linux desktop environments.
  • Window 10 brings back your favorite Start Menu- quite similar to the one that greets you on pressing Start button in Windows 7. The new start menu in Windows 10 is redesigned in such a way that it fulfills the purpose of both Window 7 Start Menu and Window 8 Start Screen.
  • Microsoft has introduced Windows Hello feature in Windows 10, a biometric authentication features which provides password protection by face, iris or fingerprint recognition that takes security to an ultimate level. It is also much safer as compared to that of traditional passwords.
  • Windows 10 is featured with unified apps that will work everywhere the new Windows work.
  • The latest version of Windows comes with Cortana voice recognition which is almost accurate and very responsive.
  • Window 10 is the last version released under Window NT family, so you will not get Window 11 ever.

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